Drive-in Movie Show

Terms & Conditions

Tickets are £20 per car plus £1 booking fee.

Refund Policy

No refunds are available. However, we will try to accommodate ticket changes to other shows or names.


No paper tickets are issued or posted. Your ticket will be emailed to you.


Transaction currency is GBP (£). Acceptable payment cards are listed on payment page and on Worldpay payment screen.

We accept:
  MasterCard   Visa   Maestro   JCB   Powered by Worldpay


Your car registration number is very important, it forms part of your ticket. For your own comfort and that of others parked in your area we suggest that you carry no more than the number of seats in the car.

Gates for the 4pm screening will open at 3-30pm for all other screenings, we have a separate car park where cars will wait until we are ready to site them. Gates close 10 minutes before the film start time to ensue everyone has entered, been parked and is settled.

Stewards remain situated on the gate up until the film start time so that any late arrivals may be allowed access however, there is NO ADMITTANCE once the film starts and we do not issue refunds for latecomers or non-attendees.

Times of screening are 4pm, 6pm & 8pm. Depending on the running time of the movie slight delays can be expected.
Toilets will be provided, stay safe and use sanitiser and disinfectant provided. During the present climate all tickets must be purchased in advance as we will not be talking any cash at the gate.

Sorry, no animals allowed so as not to upset other guests. Small vans or SUV’s will be positioned at the side or back. No large vans, Lorries or other large vehicles allowed. All vehicles will be sited by our stewards, all cars must face the screen no reverse parking and sitting in the boot that may obstruct viewing for other guests. Please take your litter home with you or place it in the bins provided. Please follow the steward’s instructions for a safe and speedy exit.


In the event of lockdown restrictions, events may have to be re-scheduled, if this is deemed necessary it is because we want the event to remain safe for our staff and more importantly for our patrons. If the event is rescheduled all tickets will be transferred to the new dates. And ticket holders will be notified by email.